The Most Authentic You is the Best You



Only when you are true to who you are will you be able to live your best life. 


LaGuai is moving forward towards achieving our dream of supporting promising future and up and coming talent: Dancers, Singers, Actors and young Sports Persons.

We believe that the future is bright and full of colour.
The unstoppable impact of the stars of the future is inevitable, and we are going to be a part of it.

Join us in the helping, promoting, supporting and creating the Royalty of the future that is Now

LaGuai Royalty reminds us and lets us focus on our "Royals". The ones that we sponsor now and the ones that will come. The creative talents are brave thought leaders who inspire generations with their passion, their drive and their excellence in all fields of Art, Culture and Sport. Humanity wouldn't be human without you

LaGuai Royalty is for you - "Trust Journey, most importantly Trust the Uniqueness of your journey."

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LaGuai Streetwear Fashion Brand 

Your most Authentic you is the Best You.
Loving who you are is the first step to the fulfilment of all your dreams.
The creativity available is limitless. Plug into your source! Dare to be you unapologetically.



Sylvia Love Johnson. LaGuai CEO

You are made in the Image and Likeness of Omnipresence Greatness.


Great is who you are.


I recently read an article that seemed like:
“A guide to living a low key unfulfilled life while secretly wishing things were better.” 


The author was sort of saying:
“Don’t you dare want anything better for yourself, let alone anything great. You are not going to get anywhere near there ever no matter how hard you try, so forget it. I’m cool with it. Why shouldn’t you be? Besides, I can give you ‘real’ advice on how to be successful or if not successful at least content: buy my book. In a section of the article, he said something like: does success really make a difference? To which he replied something like: Nope, it’s really the same, you feel the same, and it doesn’t make a difference.”
I was shaking by the time I finished reading the article because what the guy was transmitting in his writing was BIG FAT fear! He is afraid of not getting there, and he wants you to join his club.
That is a big part of our culture nowadays. Most people won’t see anything wrong with it. Some people will even feel relieved. Because they believe success is some hard and far away thing that takes pain and sacrifice and in the end is worth nothing.
To that thought at this point, I will simply say:


Whatever you do, whatever happens next, is your choice.

It would take me several hours to explain what I mean by “It’s your choice” adequately — perhaps I would need to describe my entire life and experiences.
But for now, let’s just go to the point: Some of us don’t conform to the norm.
We have created an Artistic Streetwear Fashion Brand to express our philosophy.

Who are We?

We are a  designer fashion brand that strives to express the uniqueness within us
Davide Dallago
Our company consists of a family that wants to resonate with others through our  Designer Streetwear Fashion Art
Gabriel Dallago
We are an Artistic and Passionate Designer Streetwear Fashion Brand born out of the love of colour, fun, freedom and authenticity. We express our passion through what we wear. We inspire, we provoke, we make an impression and a statement:
Sylvia Love


Davide & Gabriel

What’s our Mission?

Our mission is to spread colour, freedom of expression, and empowerment. The possibilities for creativity are limitless; we hope to inspire others to take charge of their power since each individual has the birthright to leave their mark on this planet
Sylvia Love

Our mission is to inspire others to be themselves.

Davide Dallago

Our Mission is to encourage you to express yourself in any way you want.

Gabriel Dallago

Credit: LaGuai

What’s our Passion?

Telling Stories, Colour, Art and Creativity. Spreading the word about the importance of belief in self. Loving who you are and preserving your authenticity no matter what and forever.

How would a world full of purely authentic people look? Humanity would reach its full potential in a second.

Davide & Gabriel

Our Brand’s Background Story

Nine years ago, we were a homeless family of three; we were a mum with two small children and with no home.
I (mum) had travelled away from my successful drama school business. I had left the comfort of my home in the sunny and beautiful Canary Islands behind. I boarded a plane with my two young boys 6 and 8 years old to fulfil my long-awaited dream, desire, duty, and need to become a Filmmaker. I didn’t need to become a filmmaker I just needed all the knowledge necessary to make a film. The experience that would give me the confidence to get up and do my movies. Without training, I felt utterly incapable of the task.

My experience thus far had been as a Writer, Actor and Producer, as you can see, there was a vital missing piece to link it all: Filmmaking.

I applied for an MA in filmmaking in London and got in. I asked for a loan and got it. I applied for suitable jobs, and I got auditions, many. One of my best friends from my teen years, from when I lived in London, offered us his home for a few weeks, while we were settling back in the UK.
But when we arrived in London gradually, everything fell through, the loan, the jobs and even the house. The only thing that stood was my MA in Filmmaking which was my true purpose.
Were we miserable and beaten up? No. We could have been. But instead, we were creating art, art that would impulse our creativity and surpass our imagination, art that would go beyond our wildest dreams and reach far across the world and touch other people’s lives.

What other people saw in us was a ‘single-parent family at risk,’ they saw “vulnerable people” someone told me I was “a young mother who crashed”


We were Award-winning filmmakers and film Producers.
We were the creators of a clothing brand, Fashion Streetwear that bears a message of passion, creativity, freedom and self-expression. We were travelling across the Atlantic with our film to win the Best Produced Kids Film Award at the San Diego International Kids film festival with “Arts eyes”.


My film “She Moon Experimental”, was partially filmed during the two days after the evening we were made homeless. To later be screened at some of the most coveted film festivals in the world.
The idea for “Forgotten Paradise” was born right after producing “Art’s Eyes”, and it won me great exposure at the Palms Spring ShortFilmFest years later.
Our Destiny was catching up with us regardless of our circumstances.

We are who we are

As long as we don’t shut down to who we are our passion and our dreams have the quality of being unstoppable if we don’t let go of them.
It’s Natural
A seed becomes a flower in due course unless it is not deeply rooted in its natural course of life.

Are you deeply rooted in your natural course of life?

Our Beating Heart Company Culture


LaGuai Designer White T-Shirt with Colourful LaGuai Flower

Art Fun Colour and passion inspired by


A 12 minutes short film about Art combined with fantastic stories
Young filmmakers and artists Davide and Gabriel were nine and seven years old when we made the film. Inspiring and super Artful. The children were the creators of all digital art, all the colour prints, and the animation sequences. They also took all the still photos and 90% of the video.

Kid Creators

In the making of “Art’s Eyes,” Davide and Gabriele used different methods to create their art in a joyful and fun way. Video. Stop motion animation, watercolours, drawing, mobile apps. They created tons of great art.
I then picked all our favourite pieces and listened to the great stories behind each picture.

The Making of Art’s Eyes

One of my assignment for University was to produce an Experimental Short Film. My idea was creating an art video about my children’s art. To add the experimental touch, I handed my professional filming camera to my son Davide. Davide and Gabriel set off choosing the stills to be taken, creating the settings in which the art pieces will be staged and producing additional art pieces for the film.
Both Gabriel and Davide decided upon the stories they were going to tell and about the r art they were going to use.

Genius in Simplicity


The Depths of LaGuai


The first thing human beings stop believing in when facing challenges or feeling lost is “the self”. Auto criticism, negative talk and low self-esteem are a modern life epidemics.

At LaGuai, we believe that the love of self starts with treasuring one’s Uniqueness.

LaGuai exists because we continued to believe no matter the challenges we faced or the negative talk we heard.
We based the core idea for the film and thus, the spirit of our clothing brand in the belief that art many times arise from dreams. Those we dream at night when we are asleep and those we dream during the day when we are awake. Dreams we dream out of love, fear or passion, desires, hopes and missions.

Dreams and Reality

Can then vulnerability find its end in the reality of dreams?
In surrealism, the aim is capturing life through dreams as an attempt to escaping restricting boundaries, notions, ideas and concepts that detach the soul from its fundamental freedom. In producing experimental art, realism has been masked with surrealism. Surrealism embodies the search for the purest form of creativity, the creativity that emerges from the subconscious of the artist.

Pure Spirit

Andre Breton recalls that children are without a care in the world. Children don’t require the help of dreams because they always use their inbuilt genius force to create; it is the way they grow and learn; it is a natural state at childhood.
The creation of the film “Art’s Eyes” was, Step by Step an ordinary play day for the children. They invent stories; they act them out, create other beings and scenarios, illustrate their dreams. Yet, their dreams are not separate from their reality; their dreams are a vital part of the play and development. Children walk hand in hand with their imagination what adults call dreams and illusions children to see as their best friends while playing.
LaGuai maintains the purity in spirit with its bold colours and dreamlike designs and our creative methods to develop our ideas.

Abstract Art

The abstract film, cine poems and lyrical abstraction, dada and surrealist Film, underground cinema, structural film and video art present explicit experimentation with the camera, camera lenses, sound and narrative. In most cases, a conscious alienation of cultural patterns, conventions and mainstream practice, challenges or questions the common practice of our art.
The production of “Art’s Eyes”, raised a big question in the performance of this conscious alienation. Since children perceive and express without restricting patterns and through the natural stream of their imagination. An effort to discard the culture of remembrance could have become a barrier to the natural creative flow of the project.
In LaGuai, we work to preserve the natural streamflow of imagination in all aspects from the way we chose our designs or creative process to the way we bring our streetwear to your home.

Imagination in “Art’s Eyes”

Eight and Seven years old Davide and Gabriel immediately came up with ideas that would form elements of their creation. It was critical we (the adults) did not stand on the way, with our preconceived ideas of what filmmaking is, so we could follow the children’s drive in the search for the absolute freedom children experience naturally.

Experimental Fashion Trends and Tendencies

From impressionism to cubism and from constructivism to surrealism, all forms of art; literature, music, film, demonstrates the tendencies adopted through time and utilise to express individual ideas and emotions as well as collective states of being.
Through a study of several works of literature, theatre and film I can attempt to call “Experimental” by definition, an essence of collective feeling expressed via consistent or inconstant elements which are found clearly or not in the subconscious through dreams and illusions or visions, to be let out freely in the form they might choose to be expressed by the artist conscious creative method.

Freedom of Expression

During 1914–1918 the WWI, most artists were associated with freedom of expression; the Pre-War Avant- Grades were killed or displaced. A new art emerged as a direct reaction to this.
One can say that from the birth of surrealism we sought to discover, thanks to cinema, the means of expressing the immense power of dream and employ this force to serve our fundamental need for creation by detaching from that which limits, from the boundaries we find with the conventional.

The Profoundly Avant-Grade

It should be noted that when an image or idea appeared the collaborators discarded it immediately if it was derived from remembrance, or from their cultural pattern, or if, simply it had a conscious association with another earlier idea. They accepted only those representations which, though they moved them profoundly, had no possible explanation. Naturally, they dispensed with the restrains of customary morality and reason. The motivation was, or meant to be, purely irrational! They are as mysterious and inexplicable to the two collaborators as to the spectator. The only method of investigation of the symbols would be, perhaps, psychoanalysis.”
There’s a strong element of Avant- Grade mixed with dreams and reality in LaGuai’s designs while our company culture is profoundly rooted in the love of self.

LaGuai — Art’s Eyes — Characters — Collections -

In the search for our characters, who decisively are “society’s trends interpreters” we met face to face with the actual cultural trends enveloping nowadays; environmental awareness, global warming, sustainability, energy efficiency, carbon pollution, environmentally friendly activities, water rights, solar energy, fair trade, fair employment, poverty, famine, humanity’s grand challenges. In the times we live, our society is most concerned with the preservation of our planet. Recycling, becoming aware of environmental initiatives, education on the preservation of Mother Earth and her resources, respect for the animal and the plant kingdoms. Technology and humanity’s fast advances. Feeling connected with nature and taking care of our home and feeling more connected to our higher self, living with intention, paying close attention to your health and wellbeing. These are the trends of the moment, therefore finding fashion designers who reflect this trend is not a difficulty, but it is surprising to see how many other designers ignore these socially driven movements.

The Streetwear Culture

Lifestyle, fashion, retail, online retail, new trends and more art!
What we wear is the wallpaper of our soul. The amazing, forward-thinking, ever-growing, fast-developing society we live in, the generation of today wants to wear better and best, and so we deserve.

The Bigger Picture

We create forward-thinking, artistic wearable designs. Next, we envision gathering the best manufacturing partners; organic fabric farmers, natural-based dyes specialists and crafted cut and trim tailors.
We have researched the best screen printing technologies, and now we are in the process of setting the new clothing/fashion standards for today’s casual and activewear. We are moving towards high quality and highly eco-conscious. We are not just investing in a fashion business we are investing in the health of our family, and in the ultimate wellbeing of our planet, we are investing in sustainability and in the preserving of the environment.

LaGuai in the Future

We are working towards starting producing clothing using natural dyes, we are not there yet, but it is our vision for the future. Eco-efficient screenprints of impressive artwork, our pieces are already very popular. People from all walks of life love our products and also the idea of helping preserve the environment by wearing trendy and artistic, sound and healthy pieces.
We thank you for your love and support. Sign up to our Newsletter to get our a gift from us.
Gratefully yours
Sylvia Love Johnson LaGuai — Founder, CEO.


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